B2B CFO Develops M&A Incubator Program

Recently, an article appeared in the Milwaukee Business Times at http://biztimes.com/article/20140901/MAGAZINE03/308309982/-1/MAGAZINE/B2B-CFO-develops-M&A-Incubator-Program.  One of our Milwaukee partners, David Buslee, met the reporter at a networking event and this eventually led to the publishing of the article.

The article talks about the new M&A Incubator Program which is part of the B2B Exit® division of B2B CFO®.  This program helps companies which would like to go through the merger and acquisition process and which are not determined to be ready for such a process by the M&A advisors.  With many baby boomers retiring in the near future, there will be more business sellers than business buyers, so the companies that will command the best prices will be those who are the strongest internally.

Is your business ready for a transition?  Do you worry that you are spending too much time working in your business and not enough time working on your business?  B2B CFO® partners specialize in helping in situations like these.  If you would like  to learn more about me and the services I provide as a B2B CFO® partner, contact me about a free Discovery Analysis™.


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