Bill VanOverbeck

Farmington, UT
21 Years of Experience

About Bill VanOverbeck

Bill is an entrepreneurial-minded finance and operational professional, with 20+ years of experience in the fast-paced consumer software industry. In addition to his software experience, he has also done consulting work in accounting, tax, and business strategy and development roles for construction, rental real estate and manufacturing businesses for the past 15 years. Through Bill’s own personal experiences, he understands what it is like to be a small business owner, worrying about payroll and cash flow, keeping employees happy and engaged, and finding that balance between work-life and home-life. He has dealt with those very issues.

His professional career began with a local CPA firm involved in income tax preparation and auditing. Bill then joined with friends who were starting their own software company as their accountant. His role quickly expanded beyond traditional accounting work into all facets of the business. Quickly he became controller and “Only Financial Officer”, and the only member of the management team with a degree in a business discipline. Bill’s responsibilities included accounting and finance, operations, business strategy and development, relationship management, outsourcing, project management and design, facilities, legal, IT, quality assurance, and human resources, as well as other responsibilities that would come up that needed someone to own. It was during this time that he realized that sometimes, regardless of title, you just need to pick up a shovel and dig!

After about 10 years, Bill had helped the company grow from 10 employees to 115, with revenues climbing from $750,000 to $20 million. It was at this point that Bill assisted the company president in negotiating the company’s sale to a Fortune 500 Consumer Products company. Bill was involved in all aspects of the negotiation and due diligence, which lasted about 9 months. Once acquired, Bill’s title changed but most of his responsibilities within the company did not. The next 10 years gave Bill experience at some of the highest levels of corporate finance as the studio grew from 115 to nearly 300 and the budget grew to nearly $100 million.

During his time in software, Bill provided consulting services for several small businesses and helped them gain control over their financial records, giving them better insight into the financial state of their businesses. In addition to cleaning up and maintaining their accounting records, he has also helped these businesses by providing business advice based on his vast and varied experience. Some of this consulting has included managing growth, preparing for economic downturns, and retiring debt. Bill has been able to leverage his extensive contacts to help businesses find better banking relationships and credit card servicing, employee benefits and administration, as well as personal wealth managers for business owners.

Over his career, Bill became a proven and hands-on leader who never asked anyone to do anything he wasn’t willing to do himself. Because of his objectivity, honesty, and integrity, he was seen as a trusted and calming influence. He was looked to during troubling times by employees as well as peers. He was a trusted mentor to those who worked directly for him, as well as others across various departments and disciplines. He was known as someone who was willing to listen and offer helpful advice.

Bill and his wife Nikki are the parents of two daughters, one in college and the other in high school. In his free time, Bill enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and enjoys his role as “uncle” to his many nieces and nephews. He has had numerous unforgettable experiences traveling World War 2 battlefields with historians and veterans of those battles. He has shared his experiences and the veterans’ stories over the past 8+ years with the 6th grade at the local elementary school. Bill is also a Certified Public Accountant in Good Standing, licensed in Utah, and has a Bachelor’s of Science and Master’s Degree of Accountancy from Weber State University.

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  • Weber State University

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  • Certified Public Accountant, Utah

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