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Are you looking for CFO and Exit Strategy services for your business? B2B CFO® has the tools, talent and experience to help you reach your goals. B2B CFO® has what you need with more than 25 years of experience helping small to mid-size privately held businesses. We serve clients in the following areas:

- Nevada

- Utah

- and Surrounding States

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Recent Articles

Mar 23Dan Yount

Do I Need a Rolling Forecast?

Mar 23Dan Yount

The answer is “yes” you need a 12-month rolling forecast. Here’s the wisdom behind this answer.

What is a 12-Month Rolling Forecast?

Simply stated a 12-Month Rolling Forecast is a monthly estimate of sales and expenses, just like the annual budget (well, we hope better because many annual budgets become “The Dead Sea Scrolls” and never found again).…

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Mar 16Dan Yount

What Is Capital?

Mar 16Dan Yount

I know, it sounds like an easy question. But the answer to “what is capital,”  and how to manage it, separates a successful from an underperforming business. Here are my “Cliff’s Notes” from an article on Promotive titled “The Big 3s of Small Business Capitalization” that can be found at http://www.proformative.com/blogs/remy-lee/2014/11/28/big-3s-small-business-capitalization.…

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Mar 16Dan Yount

Three Things to Make More Money

Mar 16Dan Yount
Work on Business

B2B CFO® had the honor of hosting a Social Register of Las Vegas business networking event at The Foundation Room atop Mandalay Bay. If you haven’t been to The Foundation Room it is worth the trip. Primarily a “members only” venue they have over 1,100 pieces of art, some going back seven centuries.…

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Mar 9Dan Yount

Selecting the Right Bank

Mar 9Dan Yount

I’ve heard a lot of reason why a business owner selected one bank over another. Some are:

  • Liked the Relationship Manager so followed him/her as they changed banks
  • The bank was close so it was easy to get too
  • They were courted by a banker
  • The bank had a good reputation
  • Loans were cheapest
  • They would loan to me when other’s wouldn’t

It’s not for me to say that any of these reasons were “wrong” but I would never recommend a bank based upon any of these, at least not on their own.…

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Mar 9Dan Yount

What Are Retained Earnings?

Mar 9Dan Yount
retained earnings iv

I was reviewing th balance sheet with a client recently and he commented, “I’ve been in business a long-time but didn’t want to seem stupid,” he paused, then continued, “But what are Retained Earnings?” I told him “No worries – I’ve known business graduates that didn’t understand Retained Earnings.”

Sometimes the language of accountants make this stuff sound complicated but it really is pretty simple.…

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